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Social Recruiting Today

Social Recruiting: Connect and Engage
Social recruiting is changing the way organizations hire talent. Both recruiters and candidates have a need to stay connected and engaged. Organizations simply cannot afford to ignore the effectiveness of social media in their recruiting efforts. The Rise of Recruiting via Social Media Research has shown that more and more companies are now r [...]

16 Tips to Gage Your Content Ideas

16 Tips For Engaging Content Ideas
Engaging Content – Everyone wants it, but few know how to create it! Content is all about quality.  Great content sparks conversations, new ideas, and most importantly action. The question is how do you know if the content you’re creating in valuable, relevant and engaging? Ask yourself,  “In what ways is this information us [...]

Review: Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber

book review pastrix nadia bolz weber
// // // ]]> Poignant. Profound. Profane. Honest. Humble. Hilarious. Hopeful. Raw. Revealing. Rebellious. Insightful. Inspiring. Bold. Beautiful. Blessed. Gritty. Grounded. WHOA! This is by far the most interesting memoir and book I’ve read in a long time. Who can ignore sentences such as “… in what could be described a [...]

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